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Effective September 2016

Now we at LFTA are also dealing with Petroleum Products being refined out of several North American Refineries..

Hi, We at Liberty for Trading Agencies, Inc. (LFTA) we are direct to Title Holder for Diesel products in USA see below to commenced Send Buyer's Corporate Profile (CP) to LFTA E-Mail at: Marketing Department

 ​LFTA are now Direct to an American Seller that is also a Title Holder for USA Origin of Diesel Fuel, various kind of Diesel Products also Seller is Official Distributor for Shell, plus they have their own Refinery.
 My partner an I are Official Paper Representatives for the Seller, once Seller accept CP of the Buyer than the Buyer & Seller begin to talk, this Seller I am direct to can also provide Logistic if needed for Buyer if Buyer does not have Logistics, Buyer must be able to Purchase Product, and Buyer must have Top 25 World Bank, prefer to be American Bank..

​We wait for your cooperated response, by receiving Buyer's CP, APPROVAL cannot come unless CP is submitted, see the way to move forward is providing CP & website if any, than the Seller send Buyer info (including BCL if any) to the FBI for Approval, Once Seller get approval from FBI that this Buyer is Clean, seller will talk to Buyer, there is No LOI, no ICPO no Nothing, buyer can go with his attorney to Seller Office to sign Contract & Negotiate. Thank you.

Before We proceed any further with this, kindly confirm with the buyer, and any other parties/intermediaries to the transaction, compliance with the following:

(1) no payments (or conveyances of anything of value) have been or will be made, promised, facilitated or allowed, directly or indirectly, to any government official, or to any fiduciary of a non-government affiliated private or public company (e.g., employees of a refinery), in order to obtain, facilitate, or retain business with the buyer/seller or the opportunity to buy, ship and/or resell fuel. (See, e.g., U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act "FCPA") (English:; (Spanish: ; and

(2) there is no (and [xxxxx] will not permit any) person or entity to be directly or indirectly involved with, or due some payment of fees or commissions in connection with, the contemplated fuel transactions, who is identified on the U.S. Treasury Department sanctions list, known as the SDN list:  (This link offers a search box, in which one can type a name and immediately learn whether the name is on the sanctions list.) Prohibited entities would include any company owned 50% of more by anyone (or by persons in the aggregate) on the Russian sanctions list, whether or not on the SDN list.

The people between myself and the seller say that the price is a negotiated discount probably of at least USA Platts minus 10%. To put the buyer (or its mandate) on the phone directly with one of the the N. America refinery, the refinery will either have to recognize the buyer as a "household name" company, or receive from the buyer either a trade reference less than six-months old or a letter from the buyer's bank confirming buyer's financial capability. First delivery of fuel is supposed to be 5-10 days after contract is signed.

The following sample procedures, I am told, have been accepted previously by the refinery, but you can propose alternative procedures which the refinery will consider:

1. After Fuel Buyer is accepted by one of the Many N. American Refineries (see above, and quote below), than the Fuel buyer sends, corporate profile, fuel specs that the buyer wants to buy, address of port, CIF or FOB wanted. The buyer needs to buy a minimum purchase to be provided by Refinery once buyer agree to procedures.

2. Then Refinery acknowledges with a call with the fuel buyer or the papered mandate.

3. Refinery negotiates with the buyer or the papered mandate. Buyer than is asked to sends ICPO.

4. Refinery sends CI, issues full POP for the initial shipment of fuel including SGS, TSR, and DTA.

5. Buyer signs, seals and returns to the Refinery.

6. Upon successful Dip Test, Payment by MT 103 or bank-wire for the initial delivery of the fuel.

All of our team are in USA, they include Attorney, myself, etc. etc. All of USA Refineries does not have Mandate. Products are D2, D6, JP54, or any specification Buyer is seeking N. American Refinery will try to Accommodate..

P.S. The N. American Refineries are several, none will be identified but only after as indicated, requested and complied above, see below P.S.:

P.S. "... the refinery will either have to recognize the buyer as a "household name" company, or receive from the buyer either a trade reference less than six-months old or a letter from the buyer's bank confirming buyer's financial capability..."


NOTE: Please do not send LOI or ICPO, unless we ask for it see Procedure at Par. #3 above, we must establish first that the fuel buyer is a recognized names a household name company, or even a company whose financial capability is evident from anything I/we can locate on the internet. Please have the buyer provide either (1) a trade reference not older than six months, or (2) a BCL, or (3) some other evidence of a previous transaction, such as a tank receipt, the request above must be able to be confirmed & authenticated. Thank you for your cooperation.







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